Sports marketing discussion 200 words

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Viewing the chart, I can tell that value can be built by winning and branding. Each of the world’s most valuable teams in 2020 has recently won trophies or play in a big market. The chart will change over time, but there are a couple of teams that will constantly be there such as the Cowboys, Knicks, Lakers, and Yankees, based on history and popularity. Despite viewership and attendance decreasing in 2020 largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, sports teams were still able to increase their value. How could this be if there were no fans in attendance and lower TV ratings? Factors that contribute to increasing team value can be new TV deals for a league and teams. The NFL is set to make at least $113 million in the next 11 years through TV deals. Earlier this year the Miami Marlins signed a new TV deal with Bally Sports that will pay the Marlins over $50 million annually for seven years. Another important factor in increasing revenue is the legalization of sports betting across the country. Teams are more inclined to now open sportsbooks in their stadium and sign deals with sports betting companies such as FanDeul and DraftKings.
Source: The Most Valuable Sports Teams 2011-2020 | Forbes