Sports Agency

For the following questions, please refer to the Uniform Athlete Agent Act (UAAA). Assume you’re a Texas resident who has registered with the National Football League Player’s Association (NFLPA). You are recruiting a student-athlete at the U. of Texas who is from Texas. Assume that the state of Texas has adopted the UAAA.

Is the UAAA a state or federal law? Explain.
To whom does the UAAA apply?
Must you register in Texas under the UAAA? Please explain.
Referring to the UAAA, who has the right to issue a certification?
In situations where the agent has not registered, how does the UAAA handle contracts that have been signed between the agent and the athlete?
Does a student-athlete have the right to cancel this contract? If so, how long does the right last?
Finally, there are several prohibited acts. Please name three of them.
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