Specific roles of a public health nurse Topic Gonorrhea: Education to Adolescent

Hello! doing a slide show with a group and this is my portion that i need to discuss. We are covering STI’s, specifically Gonorrhea and our population is Adolescent’s. I need information to put on my slides and additional information to talk about
A. Discusses specific health concerns of the population.
B. Information on specific risk factors for target population is presented concisely and accurately.
C. Information discussed is current, within the last 5 years.
D. Discusses prevention and control of health concerns and risk factors (primary, secondary and tertiary).
A. Discusses the role of the public health nurse in caring for vulnerable populations.
B. States the core functions of public health and applies it to the care of the specific population.
C. Three local agencies/facilities delivering services to the target population are identified and accessibility is described. Services rendered are fully described.