want you to write a paper (1,200 words) in which you discuss one of the following four films: On the Waterfront (1954), Blue Collar (1978), Big Night (1996), and North Country (2005). All are available on Amazon Prime and elsewhere. You get to pick which film you want to write about.

Your paper should do the following:

(1) Explain why you think the film is sociologically significant, i.e., what is the background or context to the film and what issue or issues is it addressing? To answer this question, you will need to do some background research on the film by looking up three or four reviews or analyses of it. Please cite your references (the format is up to you, as long as it tells me what you used).

(2) Discuss the film itself, i.e., what is saying about work, who are the main characters, what aspects of their work is it focusing on, what is it saying about relationships among workers, between workers and managers, and, if applicable, between workers and the unions that represent them.

(3) Compare the film to any three of the films we have watched in class this semester to show how it is similar to or differeawznt from them in its portrayal of work