Social Science Question

This is a team work.
Each team will select one company from the first list above or from the industry list. The team may also substitute another one on approval by the professor. Any choices outside this listing must be defended (verifying you can provide enough information to address the 10 decisions required for this assignment).
Each team will document the 10-decisions of the selected company throughout the semester.
The team should provide a detailed overview of their company (including the company’s Mission Statement and Competitive Strategy) and a description of how they compete in their selected industry.
The team will submit a written report with references addressing the above. The Word document is to be double spaced, about 8 to 12 pages long, and will describe the company with each of the 10 operations management decisions. The team will then present their analysis to the class via PowerPoint. The presentation should be between 12 – 15 minutes with each team member presenting approximately 3 minutes. The designated team leader will introduce the team’s company to the class and will also be responsible for submitting both the teams Word document and the PowerPoint in Canvas.
Case 3 is the company that our team choose.
Question 10