social marketing campaign


Improving lives across the world with social marketing”
This week’s discussion is related to understanding the importance of social marketing and
community engagement in developing interventions and promoting behavior change. Watch the
following four videos from the The National Social Marketing Centre (closed captioning
Time to Change (
Riders for Health(
Early Presentation of Cancer Symptoms (
Road Crew (
Take notes about successful strategies used by these campaigns.
On the discussion, FIRST respond to all of the following prompts below.
1.The first two videos emphasize the importance of community engagement in developing and
implementing interventions.
What does community engagement entail and why is it important, in your opinion?
How does engaging the target community affect sustainability?
What types of individuals or groups of people do you think should be involved, and what should
their roles be?
2. The second two videos emphasize the importance of social marketing for health behavior
What makes social marketing practices successful? Provide examples from the videos.
Think of a social marketing campaign you have seen. Describe who and what behavior it is
targeting, what you like and do not like about it, and what you might change.