Social Justice Question

I do understand that this topic is quite complicated and has lots of sides to it. I was able to find out that the majority of countries are quite restrictive when it comes to the availability of firearms to civilians but there are a few countries, such as the United States, that are rather liberal regarding this.
I found it to be quite interesting and decided to delve into different articles regarding opinions on gun control in the United States. However, I didn’t expect these sorts of polarized opinions and they really confuse me. On the one side, there are proponents of strict firearms regulation yet some of these activists also rally for defunding the police force. On the other side, there are advocates for the availability of firearms that don’t consider the number of firearm incidents in the country.
I would think that if a criminal wants to have a gun by their side, they will get their hands on a firearm despite laws. Still, this is a little too simplistic and I need your help with analyzing all the sides of an issue. I guess it would be better to look for some scientific articles or whatever but I do not know where to begin my search. Also, I’m quite afraid of sounding biased towards any side of the question of firearms regulation but the academic community is so polarized.
That is why I need your help with making a proper analysis about gun control in the United States and probably compare it to other countries? This could be a great idea, yet I don’t know what countries would be great for comparison in terms of population and other social and economic factors.
Do you see my problem? I have several ideas, yet nothing in particular. Please, help me to make something out of these ideas and create a proper essay with an adequate thesis statement. I would be grateful for any tips or suggestions on how to expand the thoughts I brought up earlier!