Social Isolation and Covid-19

Social scientists study human behavior and interaction along with the systems and social structures we create to organize our world. Often, social scientists will apply theories as a lens through which to explain their own or other’s behaviors in a theory response essay. For this assignment, you will write an essay exploring social isolation theory amidst COVID-19. This study will need to explore social isolation theory through your own lens, but also explore how it has affected others like you (I.e. your classmates).

For this project, you will explore how social isolation impacts either various aspects of either physical or mental health. After conducting research on how social isolation impacts one of these two forms of health, you will evaluate the extent to which the collective understanding of social isolation weighs against your own findings. To do this, you’ll not only evaluate your own health, but pull the results from your classmates as well to bolster your qualitative data with quantitative data.

Essay Requirements
• Essays will be written in APA format
• Essays will need to be a minimum of five complete pages
o Page count does not include title page, abstract, or references
• Essays will be addressed to scholars in the field
• Essays will need to include a minimum of four scholarly sources

Organization and Development
The introduction to your study should introduce readers to the theory you’re discussing and explaining all its essential elements. You should also be clear about how you’re applying the theory to your own experiences and to the experiences of others. Formulate a thesis that assesses the value of the theory for helping to understand the phenomena you studied.

The body needs to be developed in three sections: a brief literature review where you explain in detail the theory your essay addresses, a section explaining how the theory applies to you, and a section explaining how the theory applies to others.

The conclusion of your study should assert your overall assessment of the theory’s usefulness. Reiterate how the theory’s usefulness and make recommendations for how it might need to be changed in order to account for the experiencawzes you explained considering the theory.