social factors impact crime, deviance, and criminal justice.

As a final project, students will explain how social factors impact crime, deviance, and criminal justice. Following the details of the report guidelines, students will submit a 5-7 page report of their findings based on scholarly articles, reputable data collection and reporting agencies, primary sources, etc. Along with the written report, students will present a 3-minute video of their findings. This assignment is worth 30 points.

Step 1: Select a type of crime

The crime or area of crime should be as specific as possible. Rather than “drug”, consider the use of a specific drug. Instead of “gun violence,” chose intimate partner violence with guns or homicide by firearms. Rather than “white-collar crime,” consider embezzlement or tax fraud.

Step 2: Research

Gather research about the crime or area of crime. Statistics, charts, and quantitative data are especially useful. This being a sociology class, it is also important to consider scholarly journal articles. News articles and other internet sources may be acceptable, but use sources strategically. Avoid sensationalism and reporting that is inherently biased in one ideological sense or another (unless you are engaging in a critique or analysis of their presentation or interpretation of data).

Step 3: Theory

Ground your research through at least one theory or theoretical perspective. Theory help explains why and your research explains the what. In applying theory, you are giving offering an explanation as to why that particular crime occurs the way it does. You may choose to compare multiple theories, but try to limit your theories to less than three.

Step 4: Write your paper

Note, that your paper is 5-7 pages. You may include images, tables, and charts, in a way that enhances your writing. I’d suggest no more than 1-2 pages worth of graphics.

Step 5: Create a Digital Story (Presentation)

Create a 3-minute digital story based on your paper.

In your essay, demonstrate your understanding of sociological ideas using key terms and concepts from the chapter and materials in the module.
Read the prompt carefully.
I have left you a lot of room for interpretation and creativity to address the prompt in ways that speak to your understanding of the chapters and your experience in society.
Simultaneously, the prompt is carefully constructed so that you speak to each chapter in the module and demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and ideas throughout the entire module.
Your thesis statement should explicitly state your claim (main argument or position).
One of your early paragraphs should explain how your claim supports or is informed by a specific theoretical perspective or multiple theories and perspectives.
Explain the theory/theories
Explain how your claim fits the theory, or how did your theory lead you to make that claim?
Of course, cite your sources properly (including the textbook and videos) and write your paper in a formal academic style.
Be sure to have a referenawzce or works cited page.