Social ecology 195writing: final portfolio

There are three assessments I already done and I get feedback from teacher, you need to revised them based on assessments’ instructions and teacher’s feedback!
Notice : I already finished the three assessments, and get feedback from teacher, you just need to revise them base on teacher’s feedback with my work!!!! YOU DONOT NEED TO REWRITE THEM.
I will upload my three assessments when you accept this post, and you just need to revise them.
You Just NEED TO wrtie 750 reflection by your new words.
Please go through all materials I sent you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each one are important and necessary, You must go through them before you start writing or you cannot get correct instructions.
Please read carefully with the instructions, there are total 4 instructions, each one are important, make sure you meet all requirements, this assignment worth 50 % of course. Careful with it!