short history answer

1.Pick one of the colonies and use historical information and details to explain the formation and growth of the colony. When was the colony founded? What was the original purpose? Here are some things about: religion, people, economy, founders, settlements, etc.
4.Rhode Island
8.New York
2.Explain one way the colony fulfilled the original purpose, and one way it did not.
3.Describe how that colony (now state) is today. Use information and details (like demographics, economy, etc.) to explain how that former colony developed into the modern world. Did it fulfill its promise? You can use Google to search for the information. Please identify the source at the bottom of your paper.
Summarize the makeup of the colony.
Analyze its original purpose and if it fulfilled that goal.
Understand how the goals evolve.
The following will help supplement the textbook and lectures.
Note: The information can be found in Chapter 2, but also in Chapter 3 (it is okay to use that chapter, too). The 13 Colonies (Links to an external site.)
Virginia (Links to an external site.)
Massachusetts (Links to an external site.)
You can use Google to search for an article
350 words or more (the better)
Provide historical evidence/examples to support your opinion
oThese are from the sources I provided on this page.
DO NOT plagiarize. Please read the plagiarism rule.
oYou will not receive any credit if you plagiarize.