Shadow A Company

Student group choose a company to follow the financial performance throughout the semester. The groups are self-driven. They look at sales revenue, profits, profit to sales, profit to equity positions, as well as activity ratios depending on the industry their companies are in over a three to five year period. They also find at least 2 competitors, or one large competitor (i.e. Coca Cola versus Pepsi), and compare the performance the two companies performance. In addition to the financial performances the groups look at industry and market activities, and other external activities with the potential to affect the future performances of their company and the competition.

The company that my group has chosen is Coca Cola. And I am talking about The Environmental Factors influencing your industry. I have provided some linawzks for the Coca Cola company below.

Coca Cola Mission and Vision Statement Analysis,size%20of%20the%20middle%20class.