sexual orientation

Imagine you are presenting this topic to someone who has little to no background in health equity. The topic is sexual orientation. must contain the following information about your topic:
A good title
Background information
Introduce your health disparity.
Provide some relevant statistics/figures to show a disparity or disproportionality exists.
Explain why this topic is important.
Upstream social determinants
Discuss some of the social determinants that shape this health outcome.
List some of the core or fundamental causes of this health disparity according to published studies.
Recommended Actions
Suggest at least two policy-level or programmatic actions.
Be certain your suggestions are based specifically on the information in section 3 (so they are “upstream”). there must be enough information to inform the public with little-to-no background in public health or health equity and make a compelling argument for your suggested actions. The writing style should be professional and in the thiawzrd person (no “I” statements).