role did the Greek city-states such as Athens and Sparta


Objective: Examine the social, cultural, and political characteristics of early Greek Civilization.

For this written assignment, consider the following:

  • What role did the Greek city-states such as Athens and Sparta play in developing the important aspects of Greek culture?
    • Why were these developments important for the development of Western Civilization?
  • Using the course materials, answer these questions in essay format.
  • The essay should be 1 double-spaced page and use specific course information.


Read through the following topics for your final essay in this class.

  1. How did Ancient Greek culture differ from Mesopotamian and Egyptian culture?
  2. The Greek polis was a unique form of government. What factors led to its emergence? What are some of the reasons for the poleis to develop in different ways?
  3. The founding of the Roman Republic was both a cherished myth and a series of events. What factors contributed to this unique system of government?
  4. How did the Romans control their vast territories?
  5. What factors allowed the Byzantine Empire to survive into the Middle Ages?
  6. The growth of papal power made religion an important part of daily life for all Christians in unprecedented ways, but it also limited lay spirituality and the rights of non-Christians. How?
  7. How does the ethos of crusade imbue the political and religious movements of the High Middle Ages?
  8. Why did the Renaissance originate in Italy?
  9. Is the term Reformation a suitable one to describe the religious movement led by Luther?
  10. What were the effects of the Glorious Revolution on English society and government?
  • Choose one of these topics and write a short precursory analysis of the topic.
  • In the first paragraph, express why you chose the topic and what about it interests you.
  • In the second paragraph, describe what, if anything, you already know about the topic and what you hope to learn from further study and analysis.
  • Once you have completed this in 1 double-spaced page, submit the assignment.