Research in nursing

Through your clinical rotation, you have been able to observe current interventions or procedures that may differ from what you have read in your textbooks or are being taught in this program. This is a dilemma because of the time it takes to translate research into practice. In pratcie, you might have likely developed clinical questions comparing the effectiveness or usefulness of certain interventions/treatments to another or the gold standard. Think of a time during your most recent clinical and your knowledge about research question and hypothesis from the assigned chapters. Respond to both by answering the questions that follow:
Formulate a research question on (for example) handwashing, patient turning or prevention of the spread of COVID-19.
Identify how a researcher will test these questions
State the research question as a hypothesis
As a researcher, what testable criteria will you consider for this hypotheses?
****** referencing in APA 7th edition style (make sure to include in-text citation). Sources should not be morethan five years old.