Reflection on Learning

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to help you integrate your learning through critical thinking and reflection. This paper serves as an essay that reports on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual learning and growth that has occurred during the class.

Process: Prepare a paper (up to 3-5 pages in length) of your reflections on your own learning and the implications on how you may apply this learning to help others learn. Think about what motivates your learning; how, when, and where you learn best; and any changes in how you now approach learning from your younger years. Feel free to reference R&R sheets and group interactions.

1.Reflections on your own learning and the implications on how you help others learn. (Motivations, environment, setting, support, etc.)
2.Effect your own approach to learning might have on how you design learning events and/or assist others learn (in the workplace, in volunteer roles, as a friend or family member)?
3.What do you think you might need to do to be a successful learning/educator?This paper is about your insights about yourself and connected to course readings and concepts.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Relevant learning concepts covered in the course materials and discussed in class should be cited and referenced; not summarized.
2.Make sure to use the APA template format for font, spacing, headings, references in text and the reference list.
3. You must cite all references you use, both in the text and the referenawzce list of the paper.