Reference the NSPE Code of Ethics and identify which sections apply to your answe

Included in Marvin’s responsibilities is the monitoring of water and air discharges at his plant and the periodic preparation of reports to be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources. Marvin has just prepared a report that indicates that the level of pollution in the plant’s water discharges slightly exceeds the legal limitations. However, there is little reason to believe that this excessive amount poses any danger to people in the area; at worst, it will endanger a small number of fish. On the other hand, solving the problem will cost the plant more than $200,000. Marvin’s supervisor, Plant Manager Edgar Owens, says the excess should be regarded as a mere “technicality,” and he asks Marvin to “adjust” the data so that the plant appears to be in compliance. He explains: “We can’t afford the $200,000. It might even cost a few jobs. No doubt it would set us behind our competitors. Besides the bad publicity we’d get, it might scare off some of tourist industry, making it worse for everybody.”
Question 1. How should Marvin respond to Edgar’s request?
Question 2. Who, besides Marvin Johnson and Edgar Owens have a stake in how Marvin responds to Edgar’s request? [i.e. who are the stakeholders?]
Question 3: Which cannons of the engineering code of ethics were violated?
Question 4. Suppose there are several plants in the area whose emissions are, like Wolfog Manufacturing’s, slightly in excess of the legal limitations. What if all the plants submitted reports like the one Edgar Owens wants Marvin Johnson to submit?