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Also, if you have a particular question or idea that is not covered by a prompt and about which you want to post, go ahead. In most cases, though, the prompts will focus your thoughts and help you do a better job on this assignment. Regardless, always change your post’s subject-line so that it reflects your focus.The major influence on Shelley is Wordsworth. But as I noted last time, the second generation of English Romantics had profoundly mixed feelings about the first generation. Examine Shelley’s sonnet “To Worsdworth.” How does it demonstrate Shelley’s disappointment in his predecessor? What is the basis of Shelley’s dissatisfaction?While Wordsworth was a powerful influence on Shelley, Shelley goes further than the older poet. As he once said, “I go until I am stopped, and I am never stopped.” Consider “Ode to the West Wind” in relation to the Wordsworth poems you read. In what way does it present a theme similar to Wordsworth’s? In what ways does it go further?Romantic poetry is known for its intensity, but at times Shelley seems to crank up the emotional pitch to almost unbearable levels. On a personal note, I must admit that I cannot read too much Shelley at any one time without turning a little bipolar. Find a passage of particular emotional power in “Ode to the West Wind” and speculate regarding whence it derives. Requirements: 350words | .doc file