read the book( two chapter) take the note for each chapter, answer two question, write some reflection
it is the link of the book
requirements for the note:
Are you synthesizing the information? Are you making sure not to just copy and paste?
Do the notes have sufficient detail and cover the chapter thoroughly? The goal is to have 3-4 min of explanation or summary and main points to your teammates about the chapter since they haver not read them. They should not be extremely exhaustive, but rather a good summary of the information and main points and they should be in your own words.
Question 1:What did you end up learning from reading your section that you think you can apply to designing and making educational games in the future?
Question 2: What questions do you still have about the book or other segments that you’d like me to review?
just write some sentences about what your reflection after you reading these two chapter, half page is enough