Read from ch4-7 from the book

45), how sociology is organized as a discipline and how
envy can affect scholarship, and that we, as emerging or full-fledged
sociologists, do not need to choose team culture or team structure
wholeheartedly as it oversimplifies the social world. My book is
especially marked up this reading session, is yours? I had to laugh at
the philosophy envy examples as I knew someone in grad school who used
those exact words ALL the time! There are so many ideas to talk about
from insiders/outsiders to the types of envy sociologists may
internalize to the need/desire to impress others (both in our “camp” and
other disciplines) to the true goal of sociology and more. Can’t wait
to see what got you thinking! You must post before you can see other’s posts
For your post (click the reply button below), share ONE “big ideas” that was new or insightful for you.
Explain why this is significant to you and the scientific study of the
social world. Identify something you didn’t understand well or that
raised more questions for you. Be sure to use in-text citations when
appropriate and page numbers so others can easily find the passages
you’re discussing!