Read below and write a totally 500 words response

b) Comment on a specific passage from one of the readings. Quote the passage and comment on it. The words in the quotation do not count towards the 500 words limit.
c) Provide a personal insight on one aspect that surprised you or that you think is particularly striking about the theme.
If you do not do any of these parts of the assignment, you will of course not receive the full points. So be explicit about what you are doing in each paragraph.
Your readings for this week are:
1. Perrone. “Other Words and Other Worlds of Caetano Veloso,” MCBS. ( provided below)
2. Dunn. “Tropicália, Counterculture and the Diasporic,” BPMG.Veloso. (you can look it up)
3. “Carmen Mirandada,” BPMG. (you can look it up.


i want you to write it in a similar format to this
a). As I read this week’s chapters, I was able to understand the following information. First, in McGowan, Pessanha. “MPB: A Musical Rainbow,” TBS (only 79-95), I learned that ….
Secondly, in Perrone. “Chico Buarque: A Unanimous Construction,” MCBS.Skidmore, I learned that…
Lastly, in “Rule of the Military,” I learned that…

b.) A specific passage in which triggered my interest is ” ……. (quote) , comment…..

c). A personal insight in which I have is the following. I found it surprising how there ……..

make sure you label 1. 2. 3. and answer them in a total of 500 words
I linked the second and third reading, but make sure you look for the first one as well. Please do the following
a. summaries all three reading and link them together
b. Quote a passage of the reading and comment on it / give personal insight
c. rovide a personal insight on one aspect that surprised you from the reading