quick short write up

Your journal must include a summary of the video and a personal reflection. Include at least one solid paragraph summarizing the video (8 sentences or more) and at least one solid paragraph with a personal reflection (8 sentences or more). Your reflection should convey your thoughts and opinions on the information covered in the video.
https://youtu.be/QHto6X7neXk (Links to an external site.)
Grading rubric for Journals:
25 points = Journal includes 2 separate paragraphs – a summary paragraph and a reflection paragraph. Summary paragraph is at least 8 sentences and offers a summary of the video. Reflection paragraph is at least 8 sentences and offers your thoughts/opinions on the content of the video. Both paragraphs are clear and well thought-out.
Loss of 5 points may occur for each of the following: not meeting length requirement on summary or reflection, not including 2 separate paragraphs (one for summary, one for reflection), not writing in a clear, well thought-out manner or not staying on topic.