quantitative analysis and decision making

discussion 5

150-200 words APA Citations for the post (2 references in post) + 100 words for comment on the points of the article. (1 reference in comment) Article Link: https://hbr.org/2020/01/when-data-creates-competitive-advantage

*discuss one or several of the themes: quantitative analysis and decision making, quantitative analysis models, application of quantitative analysis in real situations, the role of computers and spreadsheet models in the quantitative analysis approach.

Step 1: Familiarity with the selected by you article: -Main ideas (Managerial problems/causes and suggested solutions) -Recommendations -Conclusions

Step 2: Criteria for the selection of the main topics of the initial posting: -Personal preferences (knowledge, ideas) -Ability to demonstrate how your posting is linked to

  1. important topics covered in the weekly modules and
  2. Important topic from this article -Additional research and selection of academic articles or business cases where similar topics/ideas have been discussed. Discuss one or several of the themes: -the nature of managerial decision making, -the steps in the managerial decision making -organizational learning and creativity, judgmental heuristics Closing paragraph: Include pragmatic conclusions & lessons learned.

Success Factors: -Read and analyze the article & the required text chapters -work with e-resources -prepare your initial post as a formal short report, written by a manager who is sharing it with other managers.