Pubic Speaking Presentation

So I need a help to do the presentation power point and the presentation outline
What I want from you is to do the out-line by today in 3 hiurs time and the presentation after 4 days.
I will attach the out-line instruction So you can know what to do.
Open the Phrase Outline structure and fill in the blanks (use this structure to ensure you have all pieces of the speech)
Use the outline template provided to complete this assignment.
For full points, the phrase outline:- Should have phrases only (except for thesis statement)- Should have every part of the speech filled out including name, title, and specific purpose- Should include at least three credible in-text citations- Should include three credible references on the reference page (APA or MLA)
*You should be using peer-reviewed articles or very credible websites for this speech. Persuasive speeches need reliable sources to back up arguments and claims. No blogs, Wikipedia, dictionaries, unreliable .com websites, biased news articles, etc. Dig deep!
Requirements: 000