Psychology Question

Paper 1: Identifying Social Psychology in Everyday Life. For this paper you are asked to describe 10 examples of social psychological phenomena, processes, or concepts that you spot (or would spot) in an everyday situation. The easiest way to do this is to choose a location where there are people (e.g., a park, a city street, the beach) and observe the people in that location. For each example you choose, make sure to define the phenomenon, process, or concept in your own words followed by a clear description of how the person or people represented or displayed behaviors reflective of the phenomenon, process, or concept. For instance, imagine you saw someone trip and immediately thought that the person must be clumsy, but then you realized that the person tripped over a power cord that was partially covered. In this example, you would use the fundamental attribution error to explain your judgment of the person. Then you would describe the process in which you first made a judgment about the person (she is clumsy), while discounting the situational influence (the partially hidden power cord). Your grade will be based on how well you use social psychological to describe (in your own words) behavior that occurs in everyday life.