Psych Discussion Response ASAP

In Chapter 7 of the webtext, you will read an article by Maud Purcell (2016)… (Links to an external site.)that offers four steps in the decision-making process.
Clearly define the problem
Brainstorm possible choices
List the pros and cons of each choice
Engage your feelings as well as your intellect
In this discussion, you will demonstrate your ability to engage in the decision-making process related to you.
In your post, focus on step 1 (clearly defining the problem) and step 2 (possible brainstorm choices) of the decision-making process.
Identify cognitive obstacles that might hinder your ability to solve the problem.
Answer these questions in your discussion post, referencing the:
What is one problem related to either your career or education that you are currently facing or that you faced in the past OR one that you might face in the future (for example, a broken computer that interferes with your ability to log into your online class, additional hours required to work which means you have less time to engage in your courses, forgot to submit a significant assignment, etc.)? The problem should only be related to your career or education.
Identify the problem (career or education-related only)
Brainstorm possible choices (a minimum of two)
List one pro and one con for each choice
Finally, review the webtext for more information on decision making, thinking creatively to solve problems, making judgments, problem-solving obstacles, learning, cognition, and decision making. CHOOSE one of these sections to explain your approach to solving the problem you identified. The key is to incorporate NEW ideas gained from the readings to help you solve a problem.
Discussion Board Expectations
To receive full credit, write three posts in the discussion: one original and two responses to other students.
Provide scholarly, cited responses where applicable. No Wikipedia! Use the library or reputable source to support your posts.