PSYC 2005/FPSY 2005/HUMN 2005: Social Influences on Behavior | Week 01

Post a discussion of the following:
Select one of the five aggressive behaviors listed in the full assignment directions. How would you explain the aggressor’s behavior if you had made the fundamental attribution error? In other words, provide a dispositional explanation for the aggressive behavior.
Next, provide a situational explanation for the aggressor’s behavior. What might be the aggressor’s construal, or interpretation, of the situation? Examples of several social situations are described in Chapter 12.
How is the aggressor’s construal influenced by the self-esteem motive (the need to feel good about ourselves by justifying our behavior) orthe social cognition motive (the need to be accurate by acting on available information)?
How could the aggressive act be explained by one of the following: the evolutionary view, or the influence of culture, or the influence of gender, orlearning?
Based on your reading of Chapter 12, what would you suggest to prevent or reduce instances of this specific type of aggression, either at the individual level or at the societal level?
Note: You are required to create a thread for your initial discussion post before you will be able to view other colleague’s postings in this forum.Identify the aggressive act you discussed in the subject line of your post.
Respond to a colleague who discussed an aggressive act that you did not
Be sure to support the responses within your Discussion post and in your reply with evidence from the assigned Learning Resources.

Week 1: Introducing Social Psychology – AggressionWhy do people do the things they do? How accurate are our common sense beliefs about this? How do our beliefs about causes of behaviors differ for our own behaviors versus others’ behaviors? These are all fundamental questions within the field of social psychology. Social psychology is the study of how the real or imagined presence of others influences our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Specifically, social psychologists study and explain how people perceive social events and each other, how people influence each other, and how people relate to other individuals or groups.You begin the course with an introduction to the field of social psychology and one of the most important concepts within it, construals. Then, you explore how a social psychological lens can be applied to help explain and even reduce one type of human behavior—aggression.Learning ObjectivesStudents will:Apply theoretical approaches related to social psychology to specific situations
Analyze factors associated with aggression by applying appropriate models and theories
Explain how to reduce aggression
Identify and apply concepts, principles, and processes related to social psychology approaches, theories, and research
Learning ResourcesRequired Readings
Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D.,