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Answer the Primary Questions (250 words). Respond to 3 classmate post (250 words each)the following questions:
Also remember these comprise what is referred to as the “primary post”, i.e., these should be posted in a single post with one response on top of the other. Each should be numbered to clearly show where the response to #1 ends and the response to #2 starts.
1.Select a more recent Supreme Court decisions (less than 2 years old) that had a significant impact on law enforcement. What are the facts of the case and what are the impacts of the decision on the police administrator?
2.Describe the relationship between the police agency/police administrator and the media. In what ways are there conflicts? In what ways are there partnerships?
Classmate 1 Lauren: You are led to believe that the media sway our stance on law enforcement. When studied, there are no significant effects of exposure to an image of police officers interacting with civilians on respondents’ perceptions of police misconduct, police bias, or evaluation of how police complete routine tasks and responsibilities. That public opinion about the police is primarily shaped by personal experiences with the police, unique demographic and ideological characteristics, and routine, self-selected news consumption habits. That group identities maybe even more important than personal experiences with the police, as political partisanship, political ideology, race/ethnicity, and age were the most consistent predictors of variation on attitudes toward the police in our regressions (Wozniak, Drakulich,