Project Coca Cola

Step 1:
Select a company and its comparables.
Below is the guideline.
The company should be a Food or Beverage company.The company should have at least five years of history.
For the last 5 years, the company should be profitable (with positive net profit) for at least 3 years.

For the company you pick, you need to find another three companies in the same business. Keep the list for your record.
Step 2:
We use the for data collection.
Open the website:
Type in selected stock ticker
In the stock page à FinancialsOrganize the data in the order of ascending date from left to right.
Select balance sheet -> download
Select income statement -> download
Select cash flow statement -> download
Select ratios -> download

You can also collect the key information from the “statistics” page such as market cap, beta, etc…
The “overview” page shows a collection of recent news for the company.
Compare your company with the industry or competitors. Conduct a brief SWOT analysis.
There is no need to include long paragraph analysis in the excel, but you should have the data collected for analysis later.