Professional and Technical Writing

Be sure to write at least 250 words for each of your 2 letters, be professional in your tone by choosing from these options:
You can use this assignment to write the letter of transmittal for your final report (please see the final report assignment and review examples if you choose this option). Keep in mind that your content will likely need to change and be updated after you have completed all of your research. However, it certainly gives you a place to start!
Write a collection letter to an individual from your company or a made-up company. Your collection letter should include the following: how much debt is owed, the individual’s options regarding this debt, the nature of the situation, etc.
Write a letter of commendation or recommendation for a colleague to your supervisor supporting a promotion in rank and salary for this person. Include specific information as to why this person should be granted this opportunity.
Write a sales letter to a potential client asking for a meeting, a follow-up visit, or explaining the newest product or service you offer. The sales letter will need to be informative and persuasive!
Write a letter where you have to deliver bad news to an individual either within your company or outside of your company. You can create the scenario (i.e. termination, lack of qualifications, turn down business, etc.).