Producing Exercise

Use the following Blank rundown and Scripts to create your show.Blank Rundown and Scripts Template FA19.dotx download
It must have a minimum of 5 stories
It must include at least one script for each of the following 5 story types: Copy, VO, SOT, VO/SOT, PKG.
Your total time must be between 7:30 – 9 minutes. When timing out you scripts each line of anchor text is 2.5 seconds. (2 lines is = 5 seconds)Be sure to add the package and SOT times to your Total Story Times.(upper right of each script) VO times are needed for the director but do NOT need to be calculated into the Total Story Time.
At least 3 of your stories must have a twitter message
The animated show open is 20 seconds long be sure to include that in your rundown
Include a preshow tease and a 1st break tease:You will write scripts for each story, including a preshow tease and a (2 part) tease before commercial break (tease a sports story and a national story) that ends the A block.
Your Anchors are “Aaron Fredrick” and “Anna Cecil”
You will submit through Canvas a PDF or Word Document (DOC, DOCX) of your rundown and scripts. All other formats will be rejected. (pages, Open Office). If you do use something other than Word to submit your work then save it as a PDF.
You can submit your exercise as many times as you need to. The last one uploaded in will be graded.
Deadline is on WEDNESDAY, JULY 21, 2021 11:59 pmEarly-Bird Incentive is on SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2021 11:59 pm
Tools:A running Time Calculator to help you out. (Links to an external site.)A character counter for tweets (Links to an external site.)
News Stories are available at the in modules under “Producing Exercise Story Bank V2.pdf download
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