Procurement and supply chain

1. READ  be reminded to READ the CAP Assignment Guidance
2. Answer  Make sure that you answer the task, refer to the Assignment Crib sheets.
3. Follow  always follow the proper format when submitting your assignments:

File: 1 PDF only
Front Sheet: use the CIPS Assignment Front sheet as the cover page of all your assignment submissions. Refer to the guide on how to fill it up.

4. Avoid  some of the easily overlooked areas:
o Falling below or Exceeding Word Count
o PLAGIARISM. Always reference your sources not just on reference list but also by mentioning the source on the body of the assignment.

5. WORD COUNT Excluded from 3000 Word Count:
– Front Sheet
– Contents Page
– Executive Summary
– Models, Diagrams, Graphs etc
– Reference List
– Bibliography and Appendices

6. important documents to read
– Driving Value v1 and Managing Expenditures slides
– Assessment 1 (PDV) Task Sheet – you are required to submit an assignment
– AS1 PDV Crib Sheet – this will help guide you inn answering the task

(Intro/answer , conclusion and Recommendation) These three sections is needed to be not less than 3000 Words and the main to write.

Start write about
 Introduction about Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 (4- 5 sentences)
 About Alula city and the alula organization (half page)

I have main of the answers part in ((Section (Intro/answer) the main part)) file for Intro/answer where i answered most of the (Assessment Crib Sheet v1) where is important to answer and explain more each.

CAP Candidate Assignment Guidanawzce v10
Writing_an_Assignment_Webinar (video to explian)