Pro and con

Here are three alternatives. You need to give a detailed description for each alternative, and then write Pros and Cons for the following 3 alternatives (FOLLOW the sample’s format I gave you, you can find the alternative part on the sample, same requirements different company):
1. Trading fees using banking direct invest: As for using RBC direct investing, customers who use their trading platform will have to pay 9.99 per trade. Whereas other platforms have a fix amount per trade like 0.005 per share or 0.01
2. Digital marketing strategy: RBC should improve Brand Identity and Customer Loyalty. Firstly, RBC should improve international exposure by making some videos and marketing campaigns based on the current social trends. Secondly, RBC can have 5-6 language choices on the website. For example, the percentage of Asians(not only Chinese, RBC has already offered Simplified Chinese) is gradually increasing in a big immigrant country like Canada, and some of them are investment immigrants. Maybe these people still willing to communicating with language. So, if RBC’s website has multiple languages to choose, this part of people will be attracted.
3. Life, Car and Home Insurance Bundle: RBC can develop Life, Car and Home Insurance Bundle for HENRYs, and gives HENRYs 15%-20% of insurance fee to invest products whether with stocks, mutual funds, gic, anything HENRYs prefer.