Powerpoint presentation on Solution Focused Therapy for psychotherapy cours. 10 slides minimum.

Create an oral presentation that identifies the basic tenets of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. This presentation needs to be done using power point with voice-over and needs to be at least 10 slides. I will add the voice over to the powerpoint.
Make sure that your response is research based using professional sources in full APA format; this includes both in line citation and a full reference list.
This week you are tasked with providing a 10 slide ppt. presentation on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. However, while you are all tasked with focusing on the same group counseling approach, there are differences around the types of work you intend to engage in and the types of populations you would like to work with. That said, for your presentations you are encouraged to bring “yourself” into your assignment. I’m not saying that you need to share your personal story, rather that you incorporate your own “style” into your presentation.
For example, rather than simply describing the central tenets of SFBT consider providing a presentation that:
Describes how SFBT can be used to work with a specific population in group (e.g., adolescents, criminal offenders, healthcare workers, etc.)
Describes how SFBT can be used to treat a specific concern (e.g. depression, anxiety, anger, etc.)
Describes possible challenges that could arise when using SFBT in group and how you, as the leader could address it using a SFBT approach