Postmortem Biopsy and Angiography Procedures

University of Bahrain
College of Health and Sport Sciences
Allied Health Department
Radiologic Technology Program
Academic Year: 2021/2022/ 2
nd Semester
RAD 432 Assignment (2)
Postmortem Biopsy and Angiography Procedures
Review of biopsy and angiography techniques for forensic purposes applied to postmortem
This assignment enables you to engage with the assigned content and study the topic concepts to
achieve the following objectives.

1. Recognize the technical considerations for each procedure as applied to as applied to
postmortem imaging
2. Identify the role and applications of postmortem biopsy and postmortem angiography in
forensic purposes
3. Summarize the imaging protocol of each procedure.
1. The essay/written assignment is a piece of academic activity in which students examine the
literature they read in terms of particular questions or objectives and present their views in
an organized and analytical way.
1. Make sure you have understood what the assignment objectives are? And that you know
how to complete it.
2. Break down the assignment into sections (it must be comprised of Introduction (+ 10% of
the assignment), Discussion (+ 80% of the assignment), and Conclusion (+ 10% of the
3. Format: Your report should be word-processed on A4 paper using 12 pt: Times New
Roman font, 1½ line spacing.
4. Word count (reasonable count to cover the assigned objectives)
5. All sources, e.g., academic books, journal articles, newspaper articles, material from the
Internet, etc., must be cited in the main text and referenced at the end of the assignment.
6. The deadline for assignment submission is specified in the blackboard system.
7. All submissions should be through the blackboard system.
8. through email and WhatsApp, submissions are not accepted for any given reason.
9. Late submission will be subject to possible mark deduction.