Population and Development Evaluation

Population and Development
You will submit one short paper electronically on Moodle by June 16, 2022.
The assignment you will write will deal with topics discussed in Part I (Introduction to Development Economics):
1. Inequality, poverty and development
2. Long-run causes of development
3. Foreign aid
4. Agriculture and development
5. Firms and development
or will deal with topics discussed in Part II (Migration and Development):
1. Economic determinants of international migration
2. International migration and brain drain: A Developing country perspective
3. Urbanization and internal migration
4. The role of remittances for origin countries
5. Experiments in Migration
For the paper and each part of the course:
1. Choose one of the ten (10) topics that was discussed during the class.
2. Select an information source for writing your paper: databases, case studies, academic or general public article(s)
3. Write a short paper (maximum 10 pages) including: (i) Introduction, (ii) Description (presentation) of the data (or other),
(iii) Analysis of the data (Results), (iv) Discussion (or Conclusion). 10 pages must include all tables, figures and references (but
exclude the cover (title) page). Write your assignment in 12-point font, Times New Roman font, 1.5-point line spacing.
4. Write your paper in English, and submit via Moodle (note that assignment submitted via email will not be considered).
5. You will get a maximum of 20 points for the assignment.
You will be graded on the originality of your research question, the depth and accuracy of your analysis, as well as
respecting the form of the assignment that is detailed above.