podcast script

You will present a culture or country of your choosing in podcast form. In it, you will discuss any unifying themes that stand out to you about the country/culture chosen (war, oppression, migration, nationalism, etc.). You will then choose 5 songs to describe the themes you’ve chosen to talk about. For each song, include a description of why it was chosen and how it relates to the theme for your podcast.
Script Requirements
The purpose of your script is to provide a written version of what you will discuss in your podcast. Your script will include all the research and information you are using in your podcast. This includes, historical, geographic, and demographic information, as well as a description of the themes that are being discussed in your podcast. Feel free to include some lines of lyrics when necessary or the thoughts and voices of interviewees. These should not be the majority of the podcast but can be included to supplement your own analysis of the music. Your analysis should include overarching concepts that we have looked at in class (such as instruments used, stylistic choices, cultural significance, etc.) as well as others that stood out to you in your research.
The following are requirements for the script:
v Must be written in prose (meaning written out like a term paper).
o No outlines will be accepted
v Must be typed, double spaced, 12pt font
v Should use at least 3 scholarly sources.
v You may include as many non-scholarly sources as needed
o YOU MAY NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS A SOURCE! v Should include a works cited/bibliography page
o You should cite all of your sources here (both scholarly and non-scholarly) o Does NOT couawznt towards the page count