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We can talk situations out and come to conclusions that are in the best interests most of the time. I have had recent and what appears now to be recurring situations were taking vacation time off becomes problematic. I recently tried to take two week’s vacation off work and receiving approval became more stressful than it should have been. The manager began by stating other people have off somewhere in that timeframe and that staffing is an issue. Vacations can help reduce stress and give you the energy to become more productive when you return to work (Take, 2019). I ended up using the compromising technique where I could only get two days of PTO for the second week and had to work one day at the end of the workweek.I would have handled the situation different than my manager did. Employment satisfaction would come first as employees are entitled to the use of their PTO as well as vacation time. These are also strategies used to retain employees especially in times where the turnover rate has become very high. I have been with the same department for over two years exceeding in my performance, working extra, and having minimal call-offs.This conflict is the same issue that becomes costly to the organization. I have talked with other people that are not approved from their requests off from work and they state they won’t be there much longer. This is partially why the turnover rate is high. Now the organization must train and hire new employees. This is cost-effective in the long run and decreases job satisfaction.References:Richards, L. (2016). Conflict resolution techniques. Retrieved from That Vacay! (2019).