Please edit attached file and follow instructions below;ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSIt is time to write your

Please edit attached file and follow instructions below;
It is time to write your problem statement. Using the resources introduced to you during the introductory activities, write and submit a problem statement that includes the following components (here is the problem statement template  downloadto help you if needed, but do not submit this template for your assignment):
Background information about your problem.
The general problem statement.
Scholarly support for the general problem statement.
A specific problem statement.
The concluding commentary that must address the following:Why is this problem a global challenge?
What role does cultural diversity play in the creation and/or solving of the problem?

Your problem statement should be in APA format (Links to an external site.).  Please do not submit the problem statement template! You do not need a title page or running head. You do need properly formatted citations and references.

NOTE: Please review your Turnitin similarity report to make sure it has less than 15% similarity. Even if you have properly cited and referenced your sources, a similarity score higher than 15% indicates you need to use more of your own words to complete the assignment.  Notify your instructor and revise then resubmit.
Complete the assignment by following the instructions, writing the assignment in essay format with proper APA formatting.  (Links to an external site.)
Be sure to submit your own original document, not the template.