Please answer questions in APA format with citations, references/scholarly sources

Do you work with people who complain and point out problems but are never willing to put in any effort to help improve the situation? Have you served on a board or committee at work to help improve any part of the organization or the service provided?
Describe an example of a committee you have participated on at work. This may be a unit based group, formal QI committee, hospital-wide committee, or something in-between. What was your role in the group? Was the group effective – why or why not?
If you have not participated in an employment related committee (perhaps you are new to the organization, or a new RN) what are your plans to help problem solve at your agency? Identify one specific committee that exists within your agency. Explain why you are interested in becoming involved with this particular committee. Describe the current membership (roles and structure) and explain what a nurse can contribute to the overall goals or objectives of this group.