Please answer all the questions and answers from > ‘BSBINN601 Learner Workbook.docx’ followed by learner Evidence.docx

***BSBINN601 Learner Workbook.docx
Learner Workbook which will hold a number of activities, both formative and summative; all activities need to be completed in conjunction with the Learner Guide in the appropriate sessions.The formative activities are assigned to specific sections of the Learner Guide, and should be completed in order.The Learner Workbook includes a workplace documentation section, which may be used by the learner, to record any workplace documents that have been submitted as evidence or to support activity answers.*
***Learner Evidence
This is for completion of the unit but can be used by the learner as an aid to monitoring their own progress as they work through the unit. This document lists all of the elements and performance criteria; it provides space for learners to make notes and document their performance evidence.***Learner Guide
This is to be used as an information source by the trainer/assessor delivering the course, and should also be given to all learners as a learning tool to use for their training sessions.
The Learner Guide links with the Learner Workbook as it provides the information given during sessions and is designed to help learners to further their knowledge and to complete the activities in the Learner Workbook. The PowerPoint reflects the content of the Learner Guide and should be used in conjunction with this by the trainer/assessor in the sessions.