Planning an Informal InterviewAn informational interview is a great way to network and a

Planning an Informal Interview
An informational interview is a great way to network and a good way to learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and learn more about what running your own business might be like. These types of conversations can also help you make a well-informed decision about whether running your own business fits into your vision for your life and career.
Tips for Arranging Informational Meetings with Entrepreneurs
Value their time. When you ask for an informational interview, not everyone will say yes, but you might be surprised at how many will want to share their knowledge with you. Remember that people are busy, so when requesting a call or a meeting, keep it clear and concise.
State your case. Explain why you’d like to meet and what you’d like to learn about their work.
Ask for information only. Make it clear that you’re not asking for a job. If a person thinks you’re going to ask them for a job, it puts too much pressure on them and they might not want to talk to you.
Be flexible. Ask if they’d be willing to meet for coffee, or talk by phone for 10-20 minutes. Emphasize that you’ll work around their schedule.
Be prepared. Read about their business so you can avoid asking obvious questions you can find the answer to online. Research the interviewee on both their company website and on LinkedIn, and check out the company’s social media sites.
Please review the attached this document

After reviewing the Interview Strategies, please complete the following:
1) Describe an Entrepreneur that you would like to interview. This could be someone you are actually aware of and would like to interview or you could describe the kind of entrepreneur you would like to interview, i.e. type of business, years in business, and any other characteristics that might be important to you.
2) Prepare the text for an email that you could send to a potential entrepreneur, asking for time to meet with them and explaining why you would like to meet with them? 
3) Prepare 10 open-ended questions, that are likely to provide the information you want that would be helpful to you in starting your business. (Be sure to incorporate principles described in the interview strategies document provide above)
This can be submitted as a Word document. Be sure to include a document header that include your name, the date, and name of assignment.
Grade will be based on the professional quality of your email request and on the quality of the questions you create for the potential interview.