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When working with Vectors, Pythagorean’s Theorem can be used to ________

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1Calculate the magnitude of a vector from its x- and y- components
2Multiply two vectors together to find their dot product.
3Decompose a vector (given as a magnitude and a direction) into its x- and y- components
4Properly rotate a vector by 90 degrees
5Calculate the angle of a vector from its x- and y- components

Which of the following is NOT a necessary step in the process of adding two vectors analytically (by components)?
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1Decompose each vector into its individual x- and y- components
2Calculate the magnitude of the resultant vector from its components
3Calculate the dot product of the two vectors.
4Add together the values of the x-components of the two vectors

5Add together the values of the y-components of the two vectors
Question 2
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Choose the term that best completes the following sentence:
“The process of breaking a vector down into two orthogonal (mutually perpendicular) components is most commonly called ____________.”
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vector decomposition
vector addition
vector propagation
vector resolution
vector separation

vector factorization

Question 1
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Which of these statements is true about the head-to-tail method?
(i) It is a graphical method for vector addition
(ii) The sequence of placing the vectors matters for getting the correct result
(iii) It cannot be used for vector subtraction which requires an entirely different process.
Select the correct answer
Only statement (ii) is true.
All of the statements are true.
Only statement (i) is true.
Only statements (i) and (ii) are true
Only statements (ii) and (iii) are true

Only statement (iii) is true.