Physical Education Discussion Post

Many of the ‘games of old’ once regularly played by children in PE classes are now seen as poor practices and taboo from being included in the curriculum. The reason for this is many games don’t include all students, have too much sitting around time, are deemed unsafe or may have the potential to harm or embarrass a child. It is important for an educator to be able to identify activities that may fall under the “Hall of Shame” as well as come up with alternative activities to get all students engaged. Please read the article and respond to the prompt below.
Give an example of an inappropriate activity that falls under the Hall of Shame elements from the list below. (Please do not use dodgeball).Absence of an educational objective
Potential to embarrass children
Elimination of participants
Overemphasis on fun rather than goal-directed learning
Lack of emphasis on skill acquisition or fitness development
Low participation time
Likelihood of danger or high risk of injury

Then, suggest an alternate activity or modification that has not yet been suggested by any of your peers for the same activity and that will solve the ‘problem.’
Cite and paraphrase scholarly/authoritative sources to support your suggestions.