PE4003 : Role of the Epidemiologist

You have already given a detailed analysis of the descriptive factors associated with an increased incidence chronic disease you chose in PE4002. You proposed changes to existing studies that you might make to gain a greater understanding of the disease. In this Competency Assessment, you will be creating a presentation to share with community officials about the importance of addressing the five key areas of social determinants of health and the connections these have with your selected disease. You will use additional community assessment tools to research risk factors and provide recommendations to control and prevent the disease.
Using a PowerPoint presentation with in-slide narration, you will encourage action and policy change to improve the health of a community of citizens. One of the roles of an epidemiologist is to use the science and art of epidemiology to inform and guide the political and social decisions of public health. Your slides should contain notes to guide the presentation forward, and the narration should contain what you would actually say during the presentation (which is not reading the slide verbatim).
The following resource can help you create audio narration within your slides:
Microsoft. (n.d.). Record a slide show with narration and slide timings. Retrieved February 7, 2019, from
To prepare for this Competency Assessment:
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