partial marketing plan : 2. Situation Analysis 2.1 Internal Analysis 2.2 External Analysis

1. Use subheadings to group the following functional areas as strengths and/or weaknesses:
(1) Company-Marketing (including brands, brand strategies, product portfolio)
(2)Company-Manufacturing (Production or Service Process)
(4)Company-Research and Development
(5)Company-Human Resources
(6)Company-Information Systems/Technology
(8)Marketing Intermediaries
2. External Analysis / Macro-environmental Analysis / Environmental Scan
Use subheadings to group the following factors as opportunities or threats:
(1)Demographic trends
(2)Economic forces
(3)Natural environmental forces
(4)Technological forces
(5)Political/Regulatory forces
(6)Cultural trends
3. [For partial marketing plan]
For every area discussed, consider how S/W/O/T impact the organization’s ability to serve its customers
** notes for Situational Analysis:
Use tables to summarize the situational analysis as an Appendix
Discussion should be contained in the body of the report
For every area discussed, explicitly identify whether it is a strength, weakness, opportunity, and/or threat.
References page should include all sources cited in the report, including the case study if you cite from it.
The reference page should appear before the appendices.
Tables to be included in Appendices (for the partial plan – only #1 Situational Analysis-SWOT table:
Page limit, Appendices, References, Formatting and Presentation (5%)
Overall organization and appearance:
Includes title page, table of contents, main report, references, and appendices
Use of appropriate graphics