Part 1: Exercise Psychology and the Internet

unit 7

Part 1: Exercise Psychology and the Internet


Choose a specific topic from the exercise section of the lectures/text that you find interesting: exercise and psychological well-being (chapter 17) or exercise behavior and adherence (chapter 18).


You are going to review two Web sites on the Internet.


An example:


The format of your review should be as follows:


Introduction to the specific topic you have chosen


Summary of the content of each Web site. Include the name and Web address of each site. What is the purpose of the Web site?


Evaluation of the content of the Web site relative to course material. Does the site provide accurate information? How does the information in the Web site relate to course material? Do they provide references that support the science of this exercise program?


Make sure you post your response and read and post a response to one of your peers as well.

Part 2:


Athletic Overtraining and Burnout


Overtraining and burnout are both physical and psychological in nature. To possibly help someone cope with feelings of burnout, it may be helpful for you to recognize and appreciate the variety of reasons for experiencing burnout. In this activity, you will evaluate an experience of burnout and select the factors that characterized that specific situation. Then, you will reflect on the signs and symptoms of overtraining and burnout that you experienced.  Download and complete the Athletic Overtraining and Burnout form from the appendices folder and then post your responses to the questions at the end of the appendix. Make sure you post a response to one of your peers as well.