Paper 2 Psychology 102 Developmental Psychology


Paper 2  Psychology 102  Developmental Psychology


Due in discussion class March 31 (Thursday classes) or April 1 (Friday classes) and submitted on SafeAssign by 5 pm on those days


Select a person 7-18 years old.  The person could be a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, someone (living or dead) about whom you have read biographical information, or even a fictional character from a book, play, or movie.  After an Introductory Paragraph (#1), in Paragraph 2 describe the person, including a challenge (problem or opportunity) the person is experiencing or has experienced at the time of life you selected.


In Paragraphs 3-5, use one concept EACH from weeks 5-7 in the syllabus, to explain how the person has developed a way of dealing with the challenge (it doesn’t matter whether or not the person’s response to the challenge is or was useful).  For weeks 6 and 7, the explanation must take account of the developmental stage the person was in at the time of the challenge.


Be sure to include a definition of each of the concepts explained.  For stage theories (Paragraphs 4 and 5), the definition should involve one sentence on what aspects of thought, feeling or behavior the theory focuses on (i.e. cognition, morality or psycho-social)  plus a description of the characteristics of people in the particular stage you are applying according to the authors of the theory.  Then apply the theory to the person about whom you are writing. If you believe that the person you are describing doesn’t fit the stage theory you are applying in paragraphs 4 or 5, you can say that but first describe what the theory says the person should be like to show you understand the theory then say how the person, in your opinion, doesn’t fit.


Paragraph 6 is the Conclusion.


The format of the paper is similar to that used in paper 1:  an introduction paragraph, a paragraph describing the person and the challenge, a paragraph to apply each concept, and a conclusion.  Total 6 paragraphs.  Remember to use the model for a paper that is in the syllabus, such as using topic sentences for the paragraphs.


The basic theme of the paper is how is the person you are describing is dealing with an important issue in their life at the developmental period you choose and how do the concepts of the class help explain how they are dealing with the problem.