organic chem I E3

E2; Substitution vs. Elimination
Alcohols, ethers, epoxides
Nomenclature, properties, Preparation and reactions of alcohols,
Dehydration of alcohols; carbocation
rearrangements; conversions of alcohols to alkyl halides,
Tosylate; reaction of ethers and
epoxides; Alkenes preparation and reactions
(addition, Markovnikov’s rule), Halogenation of alkenes; halohydrin
formation; hydroboration
Alkynes: nomenclature, physical
properties, Alkyne: preparation and addition
reactions, Halogenation, hydration,
hydroboration oxidation, reaction of acetylide anions; synthesis
oxidation and reduction reactions, Reduction of alkenes and alkynes;
reduction of polar C-X bonds; oxidizing
agents; epoxidation, Dihydroxylation; oxidative cleavage of
alkenes; oxidation of alcohols;
Sharpless Epoxidation