Nur3616 health promotion

1 for family stages.
What are the strengths of the family?
How could a nurse most effectively intervene in this situation? Read through Healthy People 2030 and find a family related topics that are applicable for the nurse interventions. Healthy People 2030 website link: There are different topics, select the topic, then scroll down to see the objectives.
Grading Rubric
You must include two or more citations to support your comments in appropriate APA format. Back up these with current research (publication date of 5 years or less).
Your response must integrate the information learned in the two UCF Information Fluency Modules.
Turnitin is turned on for this assignment. Similarity of less than or equal to 15% is acceptable. Higher percentages are considered to be plagiarized. Do not include the questions. At least 1 page paper. Provide a separate page for the APA references. Provide responses in alphabetical order and in paragraph format.